Thursday, February 3, 2011


i thought i posted something last week.
apparently not.
my "agent" (a.k.a. lauren) yelled at me via text tonight to find out why i hadn't posted.

i typed something was very witty.
full of amazing and inspirational things, i'm sure.
but it's gone.
fallen into the black hole of cyberspace.
don't know where it went...clueless.

i was avoiding weighing myself this week.
i mean, asking a woman who's pms-ing to weigh herself might actually be cause for justifiable homicide.
stepping on a scale when i'm SUPER moody? noooooo beuno.

but i did it.

for lauren.
(this is gonna cost her...she just doesn't know it yet)

i'm still not doing so hot on the "move more" part of things. not sure why.
the weather? the season? exhaustion from work?
what i do know is that i'm really good at coming up with excuses NOT to do anything.
i'm a pro at that.

this week, we had a major winter storm...about 3 inches of ice on my driveway, sidewalk, and grass. i've been trapped in the house with my girls since monday night.
you can't even walk from my back door to the mailbox without chicken wire wrapped around your shoes and a walking not much activity going on here.

i did, however, help push the mailman out of our neighbor's driveway. that's gotta count for something.
(my oldest daughter now thinks i'm like the strongest woman in the world.)
but, in the process, i totally wiped out on the ice.
face first.
instant whiplash.
now i'm sore as can be. (that's my excuse to not do anything right now. see? told you i was good at excuses.)

anyway, i know i need to do something. i just don't know what.
i know that i will NOT follow through with or maintain any kind of activity i don't like. (and there aren't too many that i'm fond of.)

i do like to dance. let me clarify...this does not mean i'm a good dancer. nope. never said that. but i like to boogie.
so i'm thinking about picking up the Zumba video game or dvd. or maybe something like just dance 2.

when we got the wii fit last year, about the only thing i enjoyed was the "dance" portion. unfortunately, their idea of dancing is: step up, clap. step down, clap. step right, kick. step left, kick.
well, that's no damn fun.

but i hear that these new games actually involve whole body movement...real-life dancing.
so, what's your opinion? do you have any of those games or dvd's? is there one you prefer over the other? i'd like some input before i throw away $$.

(and, lauren? you owe me.)