Thursday, June 3, 2010


epic fail!!!

man....where the hell did may go?
and what was i doing that i was so busy i didn't post?
ALL month???!?!?

here's what i've decided.

this has been difficult for me. i'm super great at planning and starting things.
i'm just not so great at following them through. (kind of like the scrapbook i started for our wedding in 2000, but have yet to finish)

i think my best option is to use what i've done/learned so far as a tool to guide my next steps.

i think right now, i need to start back at square one.
pretend this is all a brand new thing. get myself hyped up and motivated.
start that food/calorie journal that i talked about last time. (and now that school is officially out, i actually have the time to do it.)
get outside and play with the girls.
do more. be more active. spend my summer in my neighbor's pool.

i no longer have any reason for NOT making my health and my body my priority.
no more "it was a sucky day and i'm too tired."
no more "i was on my feet and watching 26 kids all day...that was my workout."
no more excuses. ( least until august 23.) wink wink

i LOVE that i've made it this far. i'm just disappointed it's taken this long.

my new goal is to really make this my focus and walk back into school in the fall and have people say "wow! you've lost weight!!!"

right now, that's what i'm committed to.

that, and getting back to holding myself accountable and updating this blog on a regular basis.

so, here we go. goodbye excuses...hello summer and a newer, better me!!!!!!!!!!!