Sunday, September 5, 2010 be continued

i'm baaaaaaaack.

kind of. sort of.

for a minute.

sorry i've been m.i.a. i really thought summer would be easier. more activities. more outside time. more movement.

and it kind of was. but it was also more "fun foods" (popsicles, ice cream, smores).
and because of all the activities, it was harder to stay on a schedule and have routine meals.

i am, however, rather proud of myself for maintaining my last weight. i haven't lost much more, but i also haven't gained...and that's a plus. i hope i haven't plateaued. we'll see.

i'm back to work...back to school. that means breakfast every morning (which, i must admit, i skipped over the summer. a lot). lunch at the same time every day. and smaller portions...more regulated. and dinner at about the same time every night.

i thought summer would be easier, but honestly, it's not. i hope to slip back into a routine. back into my good habits. and, hopefully, i'll be able to find some time to blog about my progress.

if you're still reading this, thank for sticking with me!