Thursday, February 25, 2010


i'm sick.

and still fat. {actually, even fatter}

no excuses, explanations, or rationalizations. i've been lazy this week. totally my fault.

that's all.

Thursday, February 18, 2010


umm, okay.
so...this was a baaaaad food week!
we had 3 birthday parties, went out to eat, had Valentine's Day {complete with a chocolate cake...thanks honey, but isn't that sabotage?}, and had 2 fast food nights {one was Subby's, but i'm not rationalizing}.

i learned three things...

1. it's so much easier to eat better when you are poor. before our tax return was deposited, we didn't have much "extra" money. when you don't have money to eat out, you don't eat out. fairly simple and straightforward. you might argue that it's more expensive to buy fresh produce/foods all the time. but when you add those to your grocery list in place of the chips, crackers, ice cream, snacks, it's no more expensive. it may even be cheaper.

2. people need to stop having babies so close to each other. really! three?!? in one weekend?!?!? come on!! those birthday parties are dangerous! {never mind that the three birthday boys & girls were not related, or even friends with each other, but still...}

3. chocolate cake, if left to it's own devices, will whisper "eat me" in your ear while you're sleeping and stare at you with puppy dog eyes every time you walk by. it's best to eat your half-slice at dinner, say "thank you honey", and HURL the rest of the cake out of your house. if you don't, you'll end up eating 2 or 3 bites each day when no one's looking because you think it won't count if they don't see you do it. {or so i've been told...personally, I would NEVER do that}

on the plus side, i'm trying to motivate myself to get moving more often and more consistently. i've had to meet jaden at the bus stop nearly every day this week {normally jackson beats me to it}. so i've been rushing home, parking the car, and walking back up the street. it's not a lot, but it's more than i was doing.

also, i did my Wii Fit last night. i'm proud to say i was just over a pound shy of my lose-10-pounds-in-one-month goal! now, you probably won't see it when you look at me {unless your name is Ingrid and you're a very well-meaning liar...wink, wink}, but it's coming off from somewhere. i haven't really felt any change in the way my clothes fit. but i'm looking forward to that. and prepare yourself, because that post will most likely be IN ALL CAPS!!!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010


well, well, well...

not a big change. but it's still something.

i'm embarrassed to say i thought i'd be the red-shirt lady from the Biggest Loser and GAIN a pound. thank god that didn't happen!

we've had lots and lots and lots and lots of snow. and then it snowed some more. i've been housebound several times since friday. got out once sunday for the super bowl and once monday to go to work {would have passed on that one if i had the chance}.

and dude, when i'm home, i have a hard time finding a happy medium. i'm either go, go, go...working around the house, etc. then i get too busy and forget to do my Wii Fit. or i'm a total slug and do my best to merge my ass to the couch. and, well, it's hard to workout when your ass it attached to the couch.

that is my biggest weakness right now...missing my workouts. quite honestly, i'm not intentionally skipping them. i get home, work around the house, talk with the hubby, play with the girls, whatever...and before i know it, it's 9 o'clock. and who wants to to get all sweaty at 9 o'clock? i talked in my last post about how i have to come home and practically do my Wii Fit the INSTANT i walk in the door or it doesn't happen. sadly, that's been the case.

i had a great opportunity today for a fabulous workout, though. too bad i couldn't take advantage of it. on the way home from school, a group of about 6-8 boys PUNK-ASS boys from my neighboring school pelted my car {my NEW CAR} with snow and ice. i was already rushing to meet jaden's school bus, but i whipped the car into reverse and took OFF after them. they scattered, of course. but oh, how i would have loved to have had the time and opportunity to corner them with my car and jump out and beat some ass. THAT would have been a great workout!

on the plus side, i'm still doing fairly well with my food. given the choice, i'd rather have a small snack plate of 2-3 pieces of cheese, some pickles, and some olives over ice cream. {i mean, instead of ice cream...not on top of ice cream.} crazy, i know. but i've also stuck to my guns about allowing myself bits and pieces when i crave them. it's just a matter of...wait for it. what's the word of the day? MODERATION! {i giggle every time i do that because i have flashbacks of peewee's playhouse where everyone yelled when someone said the secret word}

anyway...although i am a bit disappointed in myself, i vow that i'll work on it. i'll get back on track and do better. first thing tomorrow when i get home? workout! saturday? workout! sunday? {...i think you see where i'm going with this}

and finally, i beg of you. TALK to me! leave me some comments...let me know how you're doing or what you think. it really, truly helps motivate me to stay on track.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


i'm getting closer. i mean, i still have about 5,000 pounds to go...but i'm getting there. little by little, i'm getting closer to my first goal...dropping below that 250 mark. i'm so close i can taste it (and it tastes a little like ben&jerry's cherry garcia...) but i digress.

i was actually so excited when i saw that number, i almost (ALMOST) got on and did more wii fit. you know, just so i could trick my body into weighing a little less before i had to post tonight. (and, you'll be happy to know i didn't even strip down for this weigh in!)

i chastised myself for sucking so much the week before last. and i've tried to get myself back on track. i have not doubled my workouts. i have not cut back to lettuce, bread, and water. but i can feel things changing. i'm doing Wii Fit when i can. i'm eating better...and eating less. not only am i starting to physically feel better, but i can feel the change in my mindset.

it's so much easier now to choose my food. i pick things that are yummy, but their main purpose is to fill me up...not to reward me for holding my temper and not chucking a 2nd-grader out a window that day. if i want dessert, i will actually pass up the regular pints of ice cream that are (sadly) still in the freezer and reach for a fruit/yogurt bar. (gotta tell ya, the frozen yogurt bars by weight watchers are YUMMY) i've actually changed my mind about what tastes good.

2 nights ago, i actually found myself craving...yes CRAVING something green with our dinner. it wasn't even an unhealthy dinner...turkey roast, potatoes, and corn. what's funnier? we even had a SALAD with it...but my body still wanted some green beans or asparagus.

and my 2 newest revelations? eat breakfast EVERY morning and snack when i'm hungry. until i made this decision to suck it up and lose the weight, i was NOTORIOUS for not eating breakfast. i would fix the girls something and then sit down and wait til lunch and not even bother fixing anything for myself. not sure why, but i haven't eaten breakfast for as far back as i can remember. i'm not doing anything elaborate...just a bagel, yogurt, or banana. something little, something easy, something i now can't live without. and the snacking??? yeah...when i'm hungry, i eat. i've heard it a million times. you've heard it a million times. if you're! you don't need to fix a huge meal, or even have a full plate of food. my favorite snack (especially in the evenings) is a little plate of pickles and olives. (sorry to offend those of you who don't like pickles and olives) but i had to find something that i LOVE and that wasn't awful for me that i could keep on hand at all times. i'm also totally addicted to i keep a container of cheese in the fridge that's already cut into "snacking slices" and i allow myself 2-3 pieces per day. (if you remember my last post...i WILL cheat if i can get away with it. so, the key is to have it available, but in small portions)

let me tell you something else. i'm sitting here watching Biggest Loser while i type. and i am jealous of their workouts! crazy, huh? the first 2 or 3 times i did Wii Fit, i could feel it. i was tired, sweaty, and sore when i was done. now?? nothing! i'm increasing my time which is successful in raising my heart rate for a more effective workout. but that's about it. i cannot wait until we invest in EASports Active. nor can i wait until the weather changes and i can actually get outside to walk and (maybe) jog a little each day. (yes, i said jog, and if you just fell out of your chair, i'll give you a minute to pick yourself up and compose yourself) i actually want to be a bit out of breath, have a nice sweaty workout, and KNOW i'm busting my ass because i can feel it when i'm done.

i was honestly surprised tonight to step on the scale and see that i'm still consistently going down even though i don't feel it when i'm working out.

but, ummm....hulllloooohhh???
where'd my cheering section go??

i'm staying on track (or at least getting back on track after last week). and i intend to keep it up. but, it sure was nice when you all were here with me!

if i scared you off with threats of pictures of myself or disturbing mental images of weighing myself in the nude, i apologize. i will try not to do that again.


(oh...and to the lady on the red team on biggest loser? i'd like to punch you in the face.)