Thursday, February 18, 2010


umm, okay.
so...this was a baaaaad food week!
we had 3 birthday parties, went out to eat, had Valentine's Day {complete with a chocolate cake...thanks honey, but isn't that sabotage?}, and had 2 fast food nights {one was Subby's, but i'm not rationalizing}.

i learned three things...

1. it's so much easier to eat better when you are poor. before our tax return was deposited, we didn't have much "extra" money. when you don't have money to eat out, you don't eat out. fairly simple and straightforward. you might argue that it's more expensive to buy fresh produce/foods all the time. but when you add those to your grocery list in place of the chips, crackers, ice cream, snacks, it's no more expensive. it may even be cheaper.

2. people need to stop having babies so close to each other. really! three?!? in one weekend?!?!? come on!! those birthday parties are dangerous! {never mind that the three birthday boys & girls were not related, or even friends with each other, but still...}

3. chocolate cake, if left to it's own devices, will whisper "eat me" in your ear while you're sleeping and stare at you with puppy dog eyes every time you walk by. it's best to eat your half-slice at dinner, say "thank you honey", and HURL the rest of the cake out of your house. if you don't, you'll end up eating 2 or 3 bites each day when no one's looking because you think it won't count if they don't see you do it. {or so i've been told...personally, I would NEVER do that}

on the plus side, i'm trying to motivate myself to get moving more often and more consistently. i've had to meet jaden at the bus stop nearly every day this week {normally jackson beats me to it}. so i've been rushing home, parking the car, and walking back up the street. it's not a lot, but it's more than i was doing.

also, i did my Wii Fit last night. i'm proud to say i was just over a pound shy of my lose-10-pounds-in-one-month goal! now, you probably won't see it when you look at me {unless your name is Ingrid and you're a very well-meaning liar...wink, wink}, but it's coming off from somewhere. i haven't really felt any change in the way my clothes fit. but i'm looking forward to that. and prepare yourself, because that post will most likely be IN ALL CAPS!!!!


  1. You rock Aja...just send any leftover chocolate cake to Girl, I am
    proud of you!

  2. Keep it up! You are loosing each time you post, so you must be doing something right!

  3. Keep it up, Aja! I have a hard time parting with leftover sweets, too, and if they are sitting on the kitchen counter...fah-get ah-bout it! It's gonna be nibbled on all day. It's painful to pitch it, but it's such a freeing feeling the (oh so rare) times it is done at my house.

    Cannot WAIT to get outside and get moving when it warms up!

    Sheri D.

  4. progress is progress. keep it up. little changes are the lasting ones. so good job with walking to meet the bus.

  5. since your not a breakfast person, eat some breakfast and then reward yourself with a piece of cake. then you will have all day to work the cake off. keep up the good work,your doing great.