Friday, March 26, 2010



last week was a test.

and you ALL failed.


(well...everyone but Pat)

where'd my friends go???? c'mon now. i started this blog so my family and friends would stay on me. remember...if no one sees me do it, it doesn't count. so, if you're not popping in here to see how i'm doing, i'm probably not doing well.

and did you notice the weight? not good. but i totally blame it on you. my whole support system was MIA. (i know...the weight part is technically my fault, but it feels good to place blame somewhere else.)

so, what have i learned these past two weeks?

1. i'm a lazy slug. i haven't signed into Wii Fit in a loooong time. shame on me. i have not been active at all...unless you count the on-my-feet-all-day-'cus-i'm-a-teacher kind of active, but you know what i mean.

2. i have no follow-through. i make the most well-intentioned plans, but have a really hard time seeing them through to the end. i've noticed a trend in my last few posts. not a good one either. if i don't get myself in check soon, i'm sooo screwed in this endeavor. i mean, it's only march, and i'm already losing my motivation.

3. i need attention. i i HAVE to have someone checking in on me. constantly. making sure i'm not taking the easy way out. giving me feedback and support. if i don't think anyone is "watching", i WILL fall off the wagon. sneaking snacks, skipping activities, whatever.

4. taco bell is my crack! i've honestly kicked nearly all fast food. even in my weak times and bad times, a wendy's cheeseburger or papa john's pizza make me want to chuck. but, taco bell? that is the bane of my existence. i did without it for several weeks, but once i tried it again, i had to have it. over. and over. like 4 times in the past 2 weeks. i may need an intervention.

so, what's my plan now? i'm just starting spring break. i plan to lay out a week of healthy meals and write my grocery list around that, skipping all the snacky stuff. i plan to MAKE time each day to sign into Wii Fit. i plan to start from scratch...pretend it's jan 1st and i've just made my resolution.

that's my plan. we'll see how that goes.


  1. You have to find the motivation from deep down inside yourself!!! The only person that can truly make you do it is YOU!! You have to do it for yourself, your kids, and your family!

    Make the working out a habit..and get outside now that it is nicer!! EVERY DAY!

  2. sorry , I have been a slackerella!!! Ok so Taco Bell. Get a cup of Pintos and Cheese, a Hard taco and cinnamon twist. Totally not that bad! I do it with weight watchers. I have had some bad weeks lately too. Flat! which I guess is better then gain. 18 lbs down for me. You can DO IT. DO IT DO IT!

  3. You go Aja! You can do it! I have been working out a lot lately, and it is EXHAUSTING! I have to wait til the kids are asleep and then I am wired til 11:30! But, the point is....even when I think there isn't time to work out...there is. (Unfortunately :) I will be checking regularly again, so I expect you to stay on top of it. (Oh, and I totally relate about Taco Bell) I LOVVVVVVVVVVVVVE it. I am scared to check the nutritional value too.

  4. I'm so sorry I failed you. I guess this means we won't be getting Taco Bell tomorrow night while scrapbooking and if that is the case you can kiss Friendly's good-bye too. We will go for a walk around the block too, so bring your walking shoes. If your going to blame me(or anyone else) for your failure, then i'm going to kick your ass tomorrow with walking and stick to you like glue. lol. Love ya girl. Sarah

  5. Hey darlin' it's Cierrah! You're gonna do great just keep up the good work. I understand the whole fast food thing, and thankfully being in Germany makes it easier, since the fast food here is DISGUSTING! I need to kick my addiction to pop! Good luck darlin' and you'll get to your goal!

  6. Did you see my post last week? Did you look into that book I suggested for you? You can do this can. It is hard, and you will have your ups and downs, with both weight and determination. And there is only a .6 pound difference here. That is OK. You will have weeks when the scale doesn't move. And when that happens, go back and look at your week. What did you do differently? What area can you improve this time? It won't happen overnight. Are you writing things down that you eat. Every single thing? Including the one grape, or the two pickles...whatever it is. If you aren't writing down every single thing that goes into your mouth, start today. Get yourself a cute journal that will fit in your purse so it can go everywhere with you. Write down everything you eat, and everything you do activity wise. You will start to see a trend and will find the perfect combination for you. But only you can do it. We can be here to encourage you each week and offer advice, but YOU have to do it. You are on Spring Break this week...MAKE YOURSELF A PRIORITY. Focus on exercise. Take the time to make a plan. Push yourself. You don't have school to worry about, so you have the time to do this. And after a week of doing it, you will want to keep doing it. If you can do 1 lap around the block today, do 1 lap around the block and 1 lap around the outside of the house tomorrow. Keep adding distance each day. By the end of the week you can do 2 laps around the block. Go to the rec center and get in the pool. Do a few laps. Do a few more laps the next day. Get on the stationary bike and ride. Switch it up until you find something that you LOVE and stick with it. Stick with it until you aren't making the progress that you want to make and then find something else you want to do. But remember...only YOU can do this. I believe in you...looking forward to the next post!

  7. I have installed a camera in your I am watching AND I called all the Taco Bells within a 40 mile, don't even try to order anyting or I will know and sound the alarm. My eyes are on you!! SHelly

  8. i worked at taco bell for years. they do some horrible things with their food. eating there is a very bad idea. i saw many employees not wash hands properly and its got enough grease in it to eat holes in your stomach. make healthier mexican food at home. you will come to love it more than taco bell.
    sorry i was mia the week before break is insane for a teacher but you already know that :)

  9. I'm sorry that I didn't comment last week. YOU can do this!!!! Keep at it and stay AWAY from Taco Bell!!!!! They did a study and found that foods that are HIGH in fat (like fast food Taco Bell) have qualities in them that make them almost addicting. So, if you stay away, it will be easier to resist! Stay AWAY!!!

  10. Aja,
    You can do this. I know how hard it can be. I have been struggling now for the last year. I still have 34 lbs to go. KEEP AT IT!!It will be well worth it in the long run. I will keep you updated on my progress also. I have found that the Target brand fruit bars are very helpful with sweet cravings. Have a great day! Gina