Sunday, July 4, 2010


so, i suck.

i really really really had the best intentions of getting on here and updating more frequently throughout the summer. but, obviously, i'm not doing so well.

we just got back from our 1st EVER family vacation to myrtle beach. i thought for sure i'd come back weighing more than when i left. lots of meals out and fast food on the run. tons of candy...apparently gummy bears and taffy are a MUST when visiting the beach.

but it seems that the wave-surfing, beach-walking, shell-collecting, squishy-sand-walking all worked in my favor. they helped me work off my "i'm-on-vacation-so-i-can-eat-whatever-the-hell-i-want" indulgences.

and the rest of this month? crazy busy!!!
headed out of town again this coming weekend for a family wedding. then, 2 weeks later, we're headed out of town once more for a camping trip.

i plan to keep myself in check while i'm gone and my goal is to still have a noticeable weight loss when i return to work in august, but i just don't know how often i'll be able to update. (maybe now that i haven't committed myself to updating once a week, i might actually do it!)

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