Friday, March 26, 2010



last week was a test.

and you ALL failed.


(well...everyone but Pat)

where'd my friends go???? c'mon now. i started this blog so my family and friends would stay on me. remember...if no one sees me do it, it doesn't count. so, if you're not popping in here to see how i'm doing, i'm probably not doing well.

and did you notice the weight? not good. but i totally blame it on you. my whole support system was MIA. (i know...the weight part is technically my fault, but it feels good to place blame somewhere else.)

so, what have i learned these past two weeks?

1. i'm a lazy slug. i haven't signed into Wii Fit in a loooong time. shame on me. i have not been active at all...unless you count the on-my-feet-all-day-'cus-i'm-a-teacher kind of active, but you know what i mean.

2. i have no follow-through. i make the most well-intentioned plans, but have a really hard time seeing them through to the end. i've noticed a trend in my last few posts. not a good one either. if i don't get myself in check soon, i'm sooo screwed in this endeavor. i mean, it's only march, and i'm already losing my motivation.

3. i need attention. i i HAVE to have someone checking in on me. constantly. making sure i'm not taking the easy way out. giving me feedback and support. if i don't think anyone is "watching", i WILL fall off the wagon. sneaking snacks, skipping activities, whatever.

4. taco bell is my crack! i've honestly kicked nearly all fast food. even in my weak times and bad times, a wendy's cheeseburger or papa john's pizza make me want to chuck. but, taco bell? that is the bane of my existence. i did without it for several weeks, but once i tried it again, i had to have it. over. and over. like 4 times in the past 2 weeks. i may need an intervention.

so, what's my plan now? i'm just starting spring break. i plan to lay out a week of healthy meals and write my grocery list around that, skipping all the snacky stuff. i plan to MAKE time each day to sign into Wii Fit. i plan to start from scratch...pretend it's jan 1st and i've just made my resolution.

that's my plan. we'll see how that goes.

Saturday, March 13, 2010



STILL UNDER 250??!?!??!



super excited that i'm still going in the right direction!

although i must admit i've still been slacking a little on the exercise end of things. i really am a slacker by heart...but i'm trying to get over that. i haven't been doing Wii Fit regularly, but i have been more active. (cleaning the house, doing more when i get home than just making sure the ass-shaped dent in the couch doesn't disappear.)

i think what helped this week was the major grocery trip and eating the foods that we already have in the house. in the past, i would be so picky about what we were going to have for dinner. but now? i look forward to the variety and things i was never really excited about before actually taste good. and, believe it or not, last night i actually opted for sherbet over the double-chocolate-chip ice cream! crazy...i know!

i know they say that you can't just change what you do/eat, but you have to change your mindset and point of view. i think i've made that change when it comes to food, for sure. i snack more often to keep my metabolism up. and i'm snacking on healthier foods. i pretty much HAVE to have some sort of veggie with dinner, and i feel like i'm missing something if i don't get some fresh fruit throughout the day. (before, i'd consider cherry cordial ice cream both my dairy and my fruit...and if i got the frozen yogurt version? well, that was just a bonus!)

so, i need your help and encouragement. yell at me. tell me to get my ass in gear and get moving. let me know how your battle is going. nothing motivates me more than you guys and your comments!

Thursday, March 4, 2010



UNDER 250!??!?!



(remember I told you this post would probably be in ALL CAPS?)

well, i'll give you a break on the caps.
i'm excited. but not as excited as i thought i'd be. probably because i'm in denial. or because my weight bounces around more than my boobs on a hayride. and because i wouldn't be surprised to suck in a deep breath and weigh myself again and see my weight jump up 2 or 3 pounds.

i'm actually shocked to see that's where i'm at right now because i'm pretty sure god is screwing with me. someone is sabotaging me. my last post was not good because i spent the week leading up to it being lazy. (ok...that one was my fault...not god's.) but this week? when i was resolved and determined to do better, exercise more, get back into the good food routine? this week, i've been sick as a dog. puffy-eyed-slits, sore-stuffy nose, head-full-of-water, feeling-like-you've-been-hit-by-a-truck achy. that kind of sick. miserable.

which i guess leads me to my new found weight loss secret.


just get sick and stay sick. i mean, when everything you eat tastes like cardboard, nothing's really that appealing. and hunger isn't an issue. i mean who wants to eat when it hurts just to blink? pair that with a week of adrenaline-rush-inducing events at work and you've got yourself a no hassle formula to shed a few pounds. (although i wouldn't recommend that anyone do either of things by choice.)

so, i'm (desperately) hoping that this coming week will be EVEN BETTER! i'm starting to feel a little better. i'm actually dying to get back on Wii Fit. and i've already started the grocery list for this weekend to get back on the good food kick.

my goal is, this time next week, to be able to post that i'm STILL BELOW 250 because i've worked my ass off!!!

i'm just thinking now i probably shouldn't have volunteered to bring in friday morning donuts tomorrow. perhaps i'll just take mine and stuff it in my bra or tuck it into the waist of my pants. wish me luck!