Monday, April 12, 2010


to be honest, i totally forgot to do my post for last week.
been very busy around the house...spring break, spring cleaning, back to school, beautiful weather, yard work...
you name it, it kept me busy enough that my post slipped my mind.

this will be short and sweet. i'm sick (again). but someone (thanks nickie!) reminded me that my post was missing from last week. so here it is.

the only new thing i've discovered this week is that i really don't have much fun with "structured" workouts. someone (thanks megan!) told me i need to find what works for me.

well, i found what works for me...yard work. this is kind of hilarious to my husband...he cracks up whenever i tell him i want to work outside. he also thinks i kill every green thing i touch, but that only really applies to ferns. anyway...working outside, pulling weeds, digging out beds, pruning, trimming, planting new flowers. that's what i'd much rather be doing...and i think it's pretty damn close to (if not better than) Wii Fit.

so, now that the weather is nicer and i can get out and do more , that's my plan. lots of "working out"...just outside.


  1. and when your yard is done, mine needs lots of TLC ;-)
    I'm glad you found something that you enjoy. Gardening definitely burns the calories. Check out this tool...
    Here you can find out the number of calories you burn doing different activities. Then you will see how much you are actually doing!
    Keep working hard!!!!

  2. your doing awesome. And you can always come over and walk my dogs or mow my lawn or clean my room or fold our laundry anytime you want :P i mean folding works out your arms, let me tell you ;) and anything else around the house helps too.
    Also last week when i was watching the girls, you had wendys and mcdonalds in one week and neither one included a salad, only cheeseburgers. So watch it or i will have to keep reminding you and that is work for me. ;)
    and you can always go for a walk with the girls to the circle or draw on the street with chalk. anything counts as long as you are MOVING! get out there right now!!!! Go! and keep up the work, but watch your meals all the time that includes the fast food cheeseburgers.
    Love Ya,

  3. That is great, I think! As long as you are moving, then it is exercise. So, keep doing that! Keep moving. When it is rainy though, you might need to revert to your Wii Fit (which might be a nice change of pace cuz it is always nice to switch things up often).
    HUGS! :)

  4. lol! Lauren - thanks "mom"! But I would like to clarify that I did indeed have a salad from McDonald's...thank you very much. Now, Wendy's? You got me there. :0)

  5. Keep up the good work! Don't forget to hydrate while you are out there, it will help convert the fat cells to muscle while you are making the yard look gorgeous!