Saturday, April 17, 2010


yay! still dropping.
not as much as i'd like, but slow and steady wins the race, right? (i'd much rather be the quick-ass and SKINNY rabbit, but, whatever...)

i'm trying to find activities that i enjoy since i'm kind of already burnt out on the Wii Fit. i don't like to do "structured" workouts, but just being active isn't enough to drop the weight i need/want to drop. i think i need Jillian Michaels.

i would like to state for the record that i played tennis today.

and i liked it.

and i might even like to do it again...maybe even frequently.
(don't tell jackson i said that...i'll deny it.)

don't get me wrong. i'm NO good at tennis. i suck worse than my 4 year old...but it was something different and kind if fun and it really got me moving.

one of my weaknesses lately has been food. (i know...*gasp!*) it's weird...i haven't really been eating a lot of "bad stuff", i just haven't been eating as much good stuff. i'm just kind of somewhere in between. when i first started, i made sure that i was eating fruits and veggies all the time. lately, not so much.

so my plan of attack this week? get active (MAYBE play some more tennis) and get back on the fruits and veggies wagon.


  1. good job aja!! i agree, you have to find something you LOVE doing or it's hard to stick with it. have you tried zumba?? i never have but i've heard people who try it, LOVE it!?! =)

  2. Zumba is AWESOME!!! And change is good. When you keep your body guessing as to what exercise it gets to do next, it never gets bored and the weight continues to drop.

    By the way, if you ever get Jillian over this way, CALL ME!!! I want her to kick my ass into shape so bad...her or Bob. I'll take either one of them!

    Keep it up!!!!

  3. Great job! You've lost more than ten pounds this year! That sounds great! (Today is the first day that I realized the topic of your post wasn't some random number but your weight. )
    I did not like Zumba, but you might. It would be something new to try, because I believe that doing different things is great and doing something you like is key!!
    I don't know if I could stick with Jillian. She is a hard ass. :)
    Keep up the good work and eat more fruit and veggies!! :)

  4. hey maybe we could play tennis together. i suck too, the girls would probably kick my butt. i would probably hit you in the arm or something before i actually hit a good shot. i think you should come play tennis with me sometime, just to keep moving. and a golf course is extremely long, so without a cart, it is a great work out. and if you get some one else in my family to play, you might beat some one in the game. great self esteem. ;)
    love ya always,

  5. Aja, you keep going girl. I know you can keep it up. I am still below my goal weight for Weight Watchers and have been for almost a year now. I am doing it much the same way you are: I stopped eating fast food, cranked up the fruits, vegetables and lean meat, cut out soda, chips, candy, sugars, and fatty oils to a great extent. Also switched to Lite Beer which I think did it more than anything else. Didn't do much excercise unless you count the toe curling orgasmic sex romps with Tracy!!

    Keep up the good work and the key is consumption and not excercise (at least in my opinion).

    Love ya.