Saturday, May 1, 2010


so, apparently, i forgot this blog existed. lol!

but looky-loo. 242.2!?!?!?


yay, me!

i had a pretty inspiring conversation a couple weeks ago (thanks sarah t.) about calories and recording food intake. and the importance of eating every three hours...never letting your body get overly hungry. while i haven't actually DONE any of those things, they've been in the back of my mind. :0)

i'm seriously considering making a cute little notebook to keep in my purse and to start writing down EVERYTHING i eat. (plus, it would give me an excuse to scrap...bonus)

i'm also trying to be more aware of WHEN i'm eating. my worst time of day is around 3p.m. because i have such an early lunch time. (i eat at 10:55) when i hit my rough time, it's already been over 4 hours since i've eaten and it's still about 3 or 4 hours until dinner. i never know if i should eat something small (a "snack") or if i should have a mini meal. if i do the snack thing, i usually end up munching way too much. if i have a mini meal, i feel guilty when i eat dinner later.

so i think i'm actually going to have to write out a little schedule for myself highlighting the times i HAVE TO EAT...even if it's something small. (and, pretty much, if i don't put it on a to-do list or a schedule, it usually doesn't happen.)

i did try to do a 10-minute Biggest Loser work-out on my exercise-on-demand channel. and i discovered that, if i were ever on that show, i'd be the first contestant in history to drop dead. (yeah...i said it was only a 10-MINUTE workout.) pretty much thought that was doable. apparently not...unless dropping to the floor and panting for a half an hour when you're done is actually part of the routine.

another friend of mine (thanks cierrah) posted a dance dvd on her blog that she loves. i spied a few dance-style workouts on the on-demand channel. i plan to try those out. mainly because i LOVE to dance. i can't ACTUALLY dance...but i think it's a lot of fun. and i figure that, as long as i'm moving and having fun doing it, that's a win-win for me.


  1. Way to go!!! yeah i've tried the BL workouts(bob's bootcamp) from exercise on demand...YIKES!! i don't know how they do it!! it's CRAZY hard!! you're doing great!! =)

  2. Sounds AWESOME! You're doing great! I have lost ten pounds by snacking on either fruit (not in any syrup if you get cans) or the Special K bars. They are SOOO good =D And the ones I buy are only 90 calories with a TON of fiber that keeps you full. For lunch try and pack in as much fiber as possible. It will keeps you full for those four hours. =D Hope this helps!

  3. awesome aja. keep up the hard work.

  4. Sounds like you are sticking with things...YEAH!!!!! Hope to see another post soon :-)