Thursday, January 20, 2011



i broke 240? whoo-hooo!

not sure how i did it. wish i could tell you, but i don't really know.
let's review my resolutions, and you'll understand.

1.move more - FAIL - lol! honestly...i am sooooo bad at this. i think, well, it'll be easy. cleaning house (which i hate), taking walks (duh, it's fun), and being silly with the girls (i'm so freaking tired). and i know what you're thinking. you're thinking, "aja, if you move more, you won't be so tired". yeah, i know. but how the hell do i get over that obstacle? i think my only hope is for sarah t. to show up at my door and drag my jiggly ass to the gym. (and sarah? i'll let you know where i hide my spare key so you can sneak in and kidnap me) food - PASS - so far... my resolution was to limit this to no more than twice a month. well, it's the 20th, and i filled my quota yesterday. but, you know what? it's so funny. when i had to pick something up for dinner last night, i was like "crap, this is my last fast food meal for january." i kept going back and forth. should i really pick something up?? really? but i think the fact that it's such an inner turmoil for me to use my 2 x's means i'm trying to stick to it.

3.leave some food on the plate - PASS & FAIL - i didn't realize until i sat down to type this that i'm failing at lunch. i don't even consider leaving food on the plate because most of what i eat at lunch contains very small portions and barely even fill me up. i'm rockin this out at dinner time, though! well, except the one night my hubby made bbq ribs and mac-n-cheese. i kind of forgot to leave anything after that was all so good! anyway, i digress. every night, i make a concious effort to leave 3 or 4 bites on my plate. i keep flashing back to that commercial and thinking about how much food that will ultimately add up to over time. how much i will NOT be putting in my body. i also just realized that i have not gone back for seconds. at all. not once. crazy, i tell ya! madness! when i'm hungry - FAIL - this is much easier when i'm at home, because food is easily available. at school, i kind of feel like i can't/shouldn't just bust out a snack and eat in front of my 2nd graders. that would be kind of mean. so i don't snack. i made sure i have them available in my room, but i don't pull them out. that, however, leads to one major problem. by the time i leave work at 3:05, i'm STARVING. which means when i get home, i want to binge. and it's kind of hard not to. inspiring - ??? - no clue on this one.

if you're still reading this long-ass post, thank you!
i'm off to make fun of the american idol auditions.

p.s. if anyone else besides sarah t. feels the urge to drag me somewhere and make me move, i promise to be a very willing abductee.


  1. wow. totally cool. congrats aja for the drop. keep up the small changes. as you see they pay off.

  2. You missed a week. What happened to that every Friday thing? Hmm? I mean congrats on the new weight, but it's the routine that can help. And don't let these snow days be an excuse. You have two little girls at home right now. Go sledding. Then walking up the hill is a lot of work too because you are going up hill in snow stuff. Get out of the house. Better yet go outside and build a snowman or shovel a few driveways. Anything to move!!! I'm watching you! Lol

  3. Aja, you can always come to the gym with me. Janelle and I have been recruiting again. We've got some newbies tagging along. Even if you hate, you'll have fun being with us!