Wednesday, January 5, 2011


lookie here...lookie here!!!
we're gonna try this again.

i kind of fizzled out last year.
slowly slipped back into old habits.
started caving to fast food again.
and ice cream.
had a fight with the scale...we haven't spoken since september.
stopped exercising and started using the wii fit board as a lap desk. (well, not really, but now that I think of it...)

but it's a new start.
i know this is when everyone jumps on the resolution bandwagon (and i must give in to peer pressure so i jumped right on the bandwagon too).

this year, i have some resolutions.
this year, i hope to keep them (but don't we all??)


here they are:

1. move more - do something every day. clean, dance like a crazy person with the girls, take a walk, wii fit...whatever. just some sort of active movement every day.

2. fast food? - no more than 2x's a month. i have to be realistic. i'm busy and i have 2 kids. fast food IS going to happen. but i can limit it. hopefully that will be just as friendly to my wallet as it will be to my waistline.

3. leave some food on the plate - have you ever seen that commercial? where they show a month's worth of plates with 2 or 3 bites left on them? and when you look at it as whole, it's amazing the amount of food you are NOT eating. so i'm gonna try it. i'm not gonna take 2 bites and be done, but i can certainly afford to leave a couple bites on the plate.

4. eat when i'm hungry - i'm not sure i could do the strict calorie plan that one of my friends is doing. not sure i'm that disciplined. but i can find or buy or make (bah! that last one's funny if you really know me) healthy snacks to keep with me. just a little something so i'm not hungry/starving and don't run home from work and binge.

5. don't just be inspiring - i've had a lot of recent inspiration. lots of friends doing amazing things for themselves...(sarah t., tiffany h.) you guys amaze me.
and kind of make me jealous. like the "i'm-not-sure-i-can-be-your-friend-you-skinny-bitch" kind of jealous. now? i need to be one of the ones inspiring others. i need to quit listening to their stories and thinking "damn, if only that were me" and actually MAKE IT HAPPEN!

so folks, there they are.
my fat girl goals for 2011.
wish me luck!


  1. Good luck girl! Let me know if I can be of any help! I do love that I have a cameo appearance in your blog. :)

  2. good luck and you will do great!! your starting weight is already lower than your last post, and we just got over the holidays!!! woohoo!! good start!! =)

  3. You can do it. And you did keep off what you lost last year so thats a good start.