Tuesday, January 12, 2010


down almost 2 pounds...

don't get excited. my weight fluctuates like that from minute to minute. if i use the restroom, weigh in at different times of the day, eat more, eat less, blink...it fluctuates.

i will not be excited until i see it below 250.

so, what's my plan you might ask?

i've been MUCH more aware lately of what i've been eating. i look at food now and think, "how will i talk about this on my blog?!?" you know, if i want some ice cream, i have to have a reeeeaallly good reason to eat it so i can explain it to you. if not, i don't do it. silly, i know...but it's helping me stay accountable.

i've also tried to start looking at food as just food. it's not a reward, it doesn't make me feel better, i don't deserve it, it won't change my mood. it is simply there to nourish my body. that has helped me tremendously. because i'm considering it nothing more than something that keeps my motor running and here on earth another day with my family, i tend to grab more fruits and veggies. if i want to hang around for a while, i need to be healthy...so i'm choosing healthier foods.

don't get me wrong...i've already given myself permission/built in some "cheats". one day a week, i don't worry about what i eat. it's not a scheduled day, and i don't eat fast food for every meal, but sometimes when our schedule is crazy/busy/hectic/out of control, it's just easier to not stress about peeling carrots and slicing apples. sometimes, my cheat is just something little...a couple pieces of chocolate or a dessert.

now, i know the healthy eating is only a part of slimming down into the skinny bitch that everyone loves to hate (which, by the way, is my ultimate goal...10 years from now).

i know that i have to be more active. i have to move...stop making sure the couch doesn't float away every single second i'm home. i'm working on that end, too. wanna know what i decided to do?

we bought wii fit plus...the one with the balance board. it has yoga, aerobics, etc. i know you're laughing at me right now...stop it! lol i just knew i had to pick something that STARTED me off on the right foot. don't think this will be my be-all/end-all exercise routine. no way. but for now, spending all my time inside during another lovely ohio winter, i had to do something that seemed a little bit like fun. it's starting small...taking those little steps to start and building up from there. as the weather changes, gets warmer, i will start to spend more time outside. walking. taking the girls to the park. maybe even a little tennis...(probably not).

the best part of this wii fit plus? i can challenge my husband. we set up our programs on the same day. we set the same weight loss goal (10 pounds in one month) and we're competing to see who will reach it first. we're gonna go out to a fancy restaurant and have a 7-course meal, including dessert to celebrate. (just kidding...but wouldn't that be a goal to work towards!!)

one of my biggest problems in the past was i tried to do everything on my own. no one knew that i was trying to work out/diet/lose weight (mainly because i didn't TELL them). and man-oh-man did that make it EASY to cheat!! now, my husband's in it with me.

and, hopefully...my friends and family.

i know this is only my second post, and i don't really know if ANYONE will ever "happen across" it, but i've made a decision. when i did my last post, i had convinced myself that i wasn't going to tell anyone about this blog until i started losing weight. until i could celebrate my successes. i mean, who wants EVERYONE they know to actually know how fat they really are?!?

but, it's not like you can't tell by looking at me. and, i know that i will NEED THE SUPPORT of all of my family and friends to move along in this journey and STICK to it! i also realized that my closest and dearest friends and family (the ones i'm getting ready to tell) love me for me and don't care about that number i type as my blog heading. they only care that i'm working towards making it shrink.

so, once i've let the cat out of the bag, and you hop by to read this, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE start leaving me comments. encourage me, help me, share your stories. i'm soooooo gonna need it!


  1. AJA..i LOVE you like a sister and i know you WILL accomplish this!! Things are not always easy you just have to work hard and knowing you.. i KNOW you will do this!! love you!! jules

  2. Aja...I am SOOOOOOOOOO proud of you for laying it all out like this!!!!!! You have moved me to tears tonight with your honesty...and with how much I see myself in your words. I am with you 100% in this journey. I'm on one myself these days and struggling every single day. Ok...honesty here...I am struggling every single hour.

    And I also have a Wii Fit Plus:-) If you are ever up for challenging another person, give me a shout!

    You can do it, girl!

  3. I think this is smart and wonderful! Zen Habits says you have to tell someone about your new habit if you want it to stick. YOu can stay fit and loose weight with the Wii fit. I did it at the beginning of last year. I wanted to keep my extra weight off when I returned fmor Europe. And I was successful, until Dan took the Wii back to his house and I started working my 3 jobs.

    Anyway, I embrace this goal of yours and know you will do your best to make this happen. I'm proud of oyu!

  4. Amazing! This is a very brave and exciting thing for you to do!!! I am very anxious to see/hear about your progress. Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. You can do it Aja! I am right there with ya, trying to lose some baby weight. I will keep checking to see how you are doing each week, but I have full confidence in you!!!

  6. I love this, go girl!! Such inspiration, I should try!! Im up to 229, ergh!! I sooo understand :)

  7. Aja I am very proud of you. It is quite the undertaking to loose weight because you usually don't see instant results. It took time to gain weight and it takes time to loose it. By posting you will also help me to remember to avoid the freshman 15 (20...25...30 whatever lol). I am glad you have decided to be so open about this and I am sure it will help by being held accountable to so many people. Good Luck on your endeavor! I know you'll do an awesome job :)


  8. First things first, you're amazing and incredibly brave. I love the idea of this blog of yours!! Keep at it because I think its an amazing idea and that you're gonna succeed in losing the weight you wanna lose.

  9. girl I am so proud of you! and thank you for sharing with me. I started weight watchers 2 weeks ago and I am already down 8 pounds. I am feeling great and I will come and support you because I will need it too! I am debating a Wii fit so I don't think it is silly at all. I am debating Ball room dancing video too lmao. Something is better than nothing. Cheers!

  10. you are brave to do this. and strong. and you CAN do it. it's a lifestyle change. and it will make your life so so much better. xoxo