Thursday, January 28, 2010


well...i'm a bit late in posting this week.

maybe because when tuesday came around, i was stuffing my face with chili cheese fries at my monthly ladies night out.

or because when wednesday came around, i felt like i'd been run over by a semi.

or because i missed my wii fit 5 times this past week.

or because all i could think to post was "no comment" for fear that i wouldn't be able to rationalize how much i suck.

who knows...

my slip off the wagon was a combination of everyone in the family being sick...and tired...and sick and tired of being sick and tired. that, missed workouts, and too many cheats. 2 days of fast food, and a ladies night out make not a jealousy-inducing skinny bitch.

however, do not be alarmed. i absolutely LOATHE myself for slipping out of my routine. i'm not just having a pity's that i actually FEEL what i'm missing. and what's better? i actually WANT to get back on track.

i've realized my shortcomings, and i've learned to accept them.
1. if i don't HAVE TO do something, i probably won't do it.
2. i'm very tempted by absolutely yum-inducing, artery-clogging food. if it's near me, i'll eat it.
3. and i am the QUEEN of procrastination. if i don't do something when i'm thinking of it, it won't
happen until tomorrow {or the next day...}.

here's what i'm doing so they don't overpower me.
1. i am pounding it into my brain that i HAVE TO DO THIS!!! for me, for my husband, for my kids, and for that skinny bitch inside me that's dying to get out. i do not like the way i feel after having a couple fast food tacos {even the ones from the fresco menu, thank you very much taco bell}. i hate the way i feel after missing my workouts. so, i simply HAVE to do this.

2. i can cheat...i'm allowed. i have to be. if not, i'd be the 16 year old daughter who can't go out with her boyfriend and then arranges pillows under her blankets to meet him at 2am. my solution? MODERATION. (that's the word of the day kids) i tell myself i can have it, but only a little bit of it. because really...that's all i want. those first one or two bites are really what we all live for anyway. it's that initial taste...not the whole gut-busting, belly-stretching 5-scoop sundae. you'll be happy to know that, even on my one-night-out-a-month-no-holds-barred-your-allowed-to-cheat tuesday night, i didn't eat all of those chili cheese fries. i'm not even sure i made it through half of them. i knew i had "permission" to eat them all if i wanted...but i didn't WANT to. crazy, i know.

3. no one puts things off like me. i will pick clothes out of the laundry pile until it's down to the t-shirt you never want to be seen in and one sock rather than put it away. i have discovered the latest possible minute i have to climb out of bed in order to make it to work on time, and i hit snooze over and over until that last possible minute. the closer i get to the deadline, the better i perform. so, i have adjusted my schedule. as soon as i get home, i put my things away, change my clothes, and turn on the wii. if i even THINK of sitting down, jackson has to bribe me to do my workout. you don't even want to know what happens when my ass sinks into it's nicely contoured spot on the couch. by then, you can forget it!

the one other thing i've been struggling with is consistency. not in what i'm doing, but in what i'm weighing. i'm trying to weigh in around the same time each day, but there's still too much of a variable. so, i've considered weighing in naked. {i apologize to those of you who now have a picture in their head that will only be removed by months of therapy} but, if you're reading this, and you're a woman who wants to lose weight, has lost weight, or is trying to lose weight, you KNOW that we will take every OUNCE of weight "loss" we get, even if it means stripping everything, including the ponytail and the wedding rings. {bet you're glad now that i stuck to that no-picture thing!}

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  1. Oh Aja...I think you have nailed it on the head for all of us that struggle with this! Well, at least you did for me :-) This sounds EXACTLY like me...put it off because I can do it later, and then when later comes around it feels like it is too late, so I will start over tomorrow and that damn vicious cycle never ever ends. Know you aren't alone with that! And hell yeah we take off every single ounce to weigh in...that ponytail feels like it could weigh at least 1/2 pound, and when you add the tiny diamond earrings and wedding rings that is another few all adds up. And you have to weigh in after going to the bathroom and before you have taken one sip of anything. (See...I use all the same tricks!)